Saturday, January 14, 2012

Matt Gross, a frugal traveler, is "lost in Jerusalem" (NYT)

What is it like to visit Jerusalem as a vaguely Jewish American travel writer and globe trotter who always held the Holy City to be one of the least interesting places in the world? Matt Gross, writing in the travel section of today's NYT online edition, was surprised at the complex charm of the old and the new, the religious and the mundane. See his article HERE.

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  1. Nice article. Perhaps next trip you could visit the world renown zoo, the largest mall in the Middle East, Malcha, taste the fabulous burger at Focaccia Bar with goose breast and avocado, or the home made ice cream at Cacao below the Cinematech Theater after viewing a vintage film, gasp at the breathtakingly beautiful stained glass windows by Chagall at Hadassah Hospital, visit the Israel and Bible Lands Museums, oh, and yes, perhaps you could even squeeze in a synagogue service.