Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In anticipation of the meeting between President Obama and PM Netanyahu

In anticipation of the upcoming meeting between US President Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, JStreet distributed the attached flyer, with the following introduction:

On the eve of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, more and more prominent Israelis are calling for recognizing a Palestinian state now and for negotiating with that state to achieve peace and security. They are calling it an “existential Israeli interest.”

Today, they ran unprecedented ads in Israeli papers making their case, signed by 18 retired generals and 27 winners of the prestigious Israel Prize, among others.
Their effort could not be coming at a more important time for Israel and the region.

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday and President Obama laying out his own Middle East strategy in a speech tomorrow, we've got to make sure decision makers in America, in Israel, and in the Palestinian territories hear their message loud and clear.
To support JStreet's ad campain, go to their website.

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  1. What I don't understand is, how can Israel or for that matter Israelis support any deal that have to do with a Hamas-Palestinian government that fails to recognize Israel's own existence, (as if Jews had no right to exist)? No matter what Israel decides to do, it will not achieve peace with a people who do not wish for peace.

    Hamas continues to be influenced by another authoritative Islamic country (Iran) who's menacing and hatred for Israel is bottomless, proven time and time again by the influence of Mr. Ahmadinejad. Jerusalem is at the center of gravity for all that is happening and dispute for centuries and it is unlikely that peace will ever be achieved, unless governed by a higher authority. President Obama has done nothing but bow down to Muslims, their will, without asking for any accountability in return, the superficial requests are mediocre at best. Millions upon millions of dollars are dumped in Islamic-theocratic fundamentalism countries, i.e.: Pakistan, while their core repeatedly hates everything America stands for, any freedoms that America enjoys. Americans must return this country to past conservative values if they wish to not perish themselves. President Bush, despite his many flaws, fully backed Israel. There was no doubt in the minds of Israel's enemies that America would stand shoulder to shoulder with her should anything ever happen.

    Today not only does this doubt Mr Obama has create weaken this relationship, but strengthens Israel's enemies in cogitating Israel's demise. Dr. Michael Savage provides an interesting theory on Obama's actions: